About the Artist

My name is Carolyne Wagland, and I love to sketch, paint and create original illustrations and graphics.

After 20 years working as a graphic designer, I am focusing more energy on doing what I truly madly deeply love to do… creating wild, fun and colourful graphics that brighten up spaces and bring a smile to people’s faces.

My hope is that my creative offerings can spread a little sunshine… and brighten someone’s day… I love drawing the sun… as a matter of fact I cannot stop myself from drawing the sun… bringing little whimsical sketches to life brings me great joy that I wish to share. I treasure that magical little artist inside of me that is compelled to continuously create, sketch, paint, and draw with pencil, watercolours or digital tools… whether it be pictures of the sun, whimsical characters or sketches of the things that inspire me in my own world, like my tiny porch garden, or the wonderful Muskoka woodlands, rocks and water that surround me.

I am so very excited about print on demand technology (Art of Where and Printful) that allows me to share my creations on new product surfaces, and share my work in new and exciting ways, whether on greeting cards, art prints, posters, pillows, clothing and accessories. Products are produced only once you have ordered them, and then are shipped to you for your enjoyment. So have fun discovering and shopping the art of Gravity!

Carolyne Wagland, Designer | Illustrator, Gravity Art & Design

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